Take the Whole Grain January 2018 Challenge

5th January 2018

With Christmas behind us and 2017 over, many of us have already decided upon New Year’s resolutions. But if not, why not try something different this year? Here at Whole Grain Goodness our New Year’s resolution is to increase our daily intake of whole grains as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Why? To ensure we’re getting fibre into our diet. Read on to find out how you can take part in our Whole Grain January 2018 Challenge.

The Whole Grain January 2018 Challenge

The challenge is to include whole grains / whole grain foods in at least one meal or snack per day for the month of January and tell us what you think on our Whole Grain Goodness Facebook page. If you’re already doing this, then increase to two meals or snacks, and so on.

Whole grains and whole grain varieties of starchy foods such as bread and pasta are good sources of fibre. As well as benefits for digestive health, fibre may help prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and some cancers. UK dietary guidelines recommend that adults aim to eat at least 30g of fibre each day, but currently only manage, on average, about 18g.

We’ve been working with The Food Medic with the hope of inspiring and educating people about whole grains. Make sure to stay tuned and look out for The Food Medic on our Facebook page – she’s all the inspiration you need to ensure we complete this January challenge together.

We understand that taking on a challenge can be quite daunting at first, which is why we have included a few delicious yet simple recipes that use whole grains below to help you get started. Let’s make 2018 a success, and start by smashing this January challenge together! Don’t forget – join us on Facebook, and keep us posted on your progress…

Breakfast – Almond and Cinnamon Muesli recipe

This Almond and Cinnamon Muesli recipe is a tasty and quick breakfast to make before you run out the door (or the night before!). It’s perfect as you can easily package it up in a jar to eat at work, so there’s no excuse not to start your day the whole grain way!

Almond & Cinnamon Muesli


Snack – Cream Cheese, Ham & Oat Stuffed Mushrooms recipe

There’s not ‘mush room’ to go wrong with this delicious Cream Cheese, Ham & Oat Stuffed Mushrooms recipe. This tasty whole grain snack will help satisfy those mid morning munchies.

Cheese, Ham & Oat Stuffed Mushrooms


Lunch – Oat Pancakes with Smoked Mackerel recipe

This Oat Pancakes with Smoked Mackerel recipe is the perfect whole grain lunch to help satisfy those hunger pangs. The pancakes are made with delicious oats – so that’s one of your whole grain meals to tick off your challenge list.


Dinner – Savoury Mince Crumble recipe

This Savoury Mince Crumble recipe is a delicious whole grain twist on a classic dish. It’s simple to make and a great winter warmer for a cold January evening.

Savoury Mince Crumble Recipe


Dessert – Oat & Pecan Baked Apples recipe

Live ‘appley’ ever after knowing that this Oat & Pecan Baked Apples recipe makes for a delicious whole grain dessert.

Oat & Pecan Baked Apples


For more inspiration, click here for more whole grain recipes.

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