Terry & George’s Top Five Tips for Using Whole Grains

28th October 2016

Introducing Terry & George

We teamed up with pop-up restaurateurs Terry & George to celebrate the relaunch of the Rapeseed Oil Benefits website. The duo are made up of chef Terry Edwards, who has trained and worked under Michelin-starred chefs including Michel Roux Jr and Mark Hix; and George Craig, singer in indie band One Night Only, occasional Burberry model and foodie.

We invited food bloggers and writers to join us for dinner and Terry & George cooked up an exclusive menu. Now they’re sharing their foodie tips.

Terry and George Media Event Terry and George Media Event Terry and George Media Event Terry and George Media Event Terry and George Media Event


We asked Terry and George to let us know their top tips for using whole grains. Watch our video below to see what they had to say…

Terry & George’s Top Five Tips for Using Whole Grains

Oats are tops:

Try using whole rolled oats as a topping for fish such as cod, hake, or salmon, or for coating a nice veal escalope or a chicken breast.


If you’re bread crumbing anything, blitz up wholemeal bread or a mix of white and wholemeal. Keep the crumbs in a bag in the freezer to stay fresh if you’re not using them straight away.

Go nutty for risottos:

One of our favourite dishes is an English-style risotto using spelt or whole barley. These whole grains add a whole new flavour with their rich nuttiness.

Popcorn is whole grain:

It might sound a bit unusual, but try some toasted popcorn instead of croutons in your next salad… it really works!

Go half and half:

Introduce more whole grains to your diet by going half and half in flour for breads, biscuits, cakes or even pizza bases.

For more inspiration on enjoying whole grains, visit the recipe section of our site.

Dinner with Terry & George

Looks like our attendees had a fabulous (and tasty!) evening:

Terry and George Event Collage
Whole Grain Goodness