Rise & Dine: The Different Types of Breakfast Person

24th November 2017

If you look online, it seems we love eating, talking about, and photographing our breakfast foods. The breakfast hashtag has about 65 million pictures (to date) on Instagram. With this in mind, we’ve identified four morning personality types and matched them to their ideal whole grain breakfast.

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Four different breakfast recipes image

The Fitness Fanatic

The Fitness Fanatic is constantly on the go and full of energy. Between checking fitness apps and aiming to break personal bests, they can usually be found munching on protein bars or planning their next gym session.

So here’s our recommendation for you ‘Fitness Fanatic,’ our yummy Toasted Oats & Yogurt Layer recipe. They make a tasty pre-workout breakfast. Even better, they can be made the night before, ready for early morning starts, which is great if you’re planning to go to that 6am spin class. Try this simple recipe for yourself.

Toasted Oats & Yoghurt Layer


The Snoozer

The snoozer takes ‘I’m not a morning person’ to a whole new level. In order to physically get out of bed in the morning, they set multiple alarms, which will go off constantly for at least half an hour whilst they continuously snooze… much to the annoyance of their other half.

Our recommendation for you sleeping beauties, is this scrumptious On-The-Go Energy Bars recipe. These bars are great for breakfast on-the-go when you’re running late because you’ve snoozed your morning alarm too much. They can also be the excuse you need for snoozing that alarm that little bit more… don’t worry, we wont tell anyone if you don’t.

Energy Bars main


The “I’m not a breakfast person” person

Everyone knows a “I’m not a breakfast person” person… or maybe this person is you. If you are, you might be likely to announce around noon that you “haven’t eaten anything all day” and how all you can think about is how hungry you are.

Our recommendation for you, is this delicious Cocoa & Vanilla Smoothie recipe. For the person who can’t face a full morning meal, this satisfying smoothie may just do the trick; helping you break that fast and get some nutrients for the day.


The Weekend Warrior

Cereal is never an option for the weekend warrior, who looks forward to a well-deserved cooked weekend breakfast. Whilst the rest of us are struggling with a post-Friday hangover, or driving kids to various activities from swimming lessons to karate to ballet, the weekend warrior is busy creating kitchen magic in the form of a fully cooked breakfast with all the trimmings. We can only hope there’s a plate for us when we awake after our lie-in or finish our taxi service.

Our recommendation for you ‘Weekend Warrior,’ is this Triple Breakfast Stack recipe. It’s just the challenge for a true weekend warrior who will stop at nothing to create the best breakfast possible.

Triple Breakfast Stack Recipe


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