8 Oatcake Topping Ideas

2nd August 2016

Perfect for snacks, picnics or parties

Oat cakes are a whole grain food that can be topped with so many different ingredients – you could never get bored!

At approximately 200 calories or less, the following oaty snack ideas are quick and inexpensive to make, and offer a more nutritious and delicious alternative to snacks high in salt, fat or sugar. They’re also great finger food for parties or picnics.

Oatcakes with tuna, low fat cräme fraiche & spring onion

Two oatcakes topped with canned tuna, low fat crème fraiche and sliced spring onion.

Oatcakes with Cottage Cheese Hazelnut and Chicory Leaf

Two oatcakes topped with cottage cheese, chopped hazelnuts and shredded chicory leaves.

Oatcakes with Banana Walnut and Honey

Two oatcakes topped with sliced bananas, chopped walnuts and a drizzle of honey.

Mature Hard Cheese - Dried Fig - Watercress

Two oatcakes topped with sliced, reduced fat, mature hard cheese (e.g. cheddar), chopped dried fig, garnished with watercress and a dash of balsamic vinegar.

Oatcakes with Hummus Cherry Tomato and Turkey

Two oatcakes topped with hummus, chopped cherry tomatoes and sliced roast turkey.

Oatcakes with Cucumber Salmon and Lemon

Two oatcakes topped with sliced cucumber, tinned salmon and a squeeze of lemon.

Low fat cräme fraiche, strawberries, blackberries & mint

Two oatcakes topped with low fat crème fraiche, sliced strawberries and blackberries and fresh mint.

Oatcakes with Ham Avocado and Carrot

Two oatcakes topped with lean sliced roast ham, sliced avocado and grated carrot.

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