3 Ways With Oats Ideas Video

6th December 2016

Whole grains are easy as 1, 2, 3

It’s easy to enjoy whole grains throughout the day. Our new video looks at three easy ideas for enjoying oats – at breakfast, as a snack and at dinner time. Watch to find out why whole grains really are as easy as 123.

3 ways with oats video

Oats are a fantastically versatile whole grain. Find out more about the different types of oats such as pinhead and jumbo in our guide to oats and find more recipes with oats here.



Find the full recipes featured in this video here:

Toasted Oat Yogurt Layer

Oatcakes with Banana, Walnuts & Honey

Oatmeal & Dill Crusted Salmon

Whole Grain Goodness